Why Chain Link Fences Just Don’t Work For Dogs

dog jumping chain link fence on Doggy BakeryWhen you love your dog you will do just about anything you can to protect them. This includes doing everything that you can in order to keep them in your back or front yards. Year after year more and more families lose their dogs because the dog manages to escape. To combat this a family may put in a chain link fence. Unfortunately, most dog owners do not realize that a chain link fence is practically worthless as a means of containment, especially if the dog is particularly large. Here is why you need to get something a bit better than a chain link fence.

First of all, a chain link fence is only really good for establishing a perimeter. It offers no real deterrent from your dog digging their way out. This is because there is a significant gap between links that a dog can work their paws into to start digging. You could be gone to work and your dog could be at the end of the fence digging their way out. If your dog is smaller that just means it will take less time for them to dig their way out. If you want to stop them from digging their way out from the chain link fence you have to modify it with chicken wire, but that takes a lot of time. Chain link simply fails at its most basic function of creating a decent barrier.

Another big reason why chain link fences do not work is because they are normally not very tall. If you have a small dog this may not sound like a big problem but if you have a big dog then this can be disastrous because a big dog can easily jump over a chain link fence. The only way to make a chain link fence effective against a jumper is to modify the fence. This can be time consuming and a financial strain so the best solution is to not rely on that kind of fence to begin with.

Even the very structure of a chain link fence is a detriment. One of the biggest problems presented by the structure of a chain link fence is that it can give your dog the support they need in order to climb over the fence. This means that any large enough dog can simply climb over where they would not have normally been able to jump. This just goes to show how much of a failure of a fence chain link really is. The truth is that you can find the best dog fence on the market! Superior + low cost!

The fence you are looking for comes from the folks at PetPlaygrounds. They create a fantastic kit that uses a special, durable, mesh that prevents your dog from escaping. Their kit does not allow for your dog’s digging, jumping, or climbing. It is a perfect enclosure that will not cost you a fortune. It is the perfect intersection of price and function.